Our organic cotton reusable packaging

Our towels are packed in organic cotton mesh bags which are designed to be used to store fresh fruit and vegetables. Packaging that looks great and is reusable for years. Win win!

Our mesh vegetable bags have great benefits for you and the environment.

  1. Eliminate single use plastic: Obviously it reduces impact on land fill and oceans.
  2. Cuts out micro plastic toxins: Plastic bags can release toxins into the food it is ‘protecting’. These toxins / micro-plastics end up being ingested which isn’t great for us or the environment.
  3. Keep food fresh: Plastic bags can suffocate your food, spoiling it quicker than it should. Our organic cotton bags allow your fresh produce to breathe which keeps it fresher, for longer.

We hope you get great use out of your new reusable vegie bag.

Remember: Nature is the new luxury.