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Shark / indigo blue

$50 USD

Sharks are simultaneously some of the most exhilarating and terrifying forces of nature on the planet. They are glorious, majestic predators that affect entire ecosystems and demand our constant admiration and respect.

It's true that Australia has some large predators in the ocean, but statistically speaking, more people die per year from mosquitos, car accidents, vending machines, or drowning than from a shark bite. We need to protect and respect these beautiful creatures rather than fear them.

Made from 60% recycled plastic bottles. 

Compact and light weight: 0.6kg

Full size: 180cm x 80cm

Super soft

Absorbent but quick drying  

Sand free:

Double sided design

Packaged in an organic cotton mesh bag, reusable for storing fruit and vegetables.


International price: US$50 / AU$70 / HK$380


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